Oleh K. Romanchuk: «The Carthage of racism must be destroyed»


From the telephone conversations of the occupiers with their relatives and friends intercepted by the Ukrainian special services, the world discovered another hypostasis of the «mysterious soul» of Muscovites – a manner of communication between representatives of the «deep people» which is truly incomprehensible for a civilized person: the established, sacralized use of brutal language and criminal jargon. «You have power, so you don’t need the intelligence»?

In another telephone conversation intercepted by the Security Service of Ukraine, one of the occupiers said that Russian saboteurs wanted to blackmail the Ukrainian Armed Forces by blowing up the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station dam. However, something went wrong. The situation got out of control. The result was a man-made disaster.

It can be assumed that heavily armed racists will soon begin to blackmail Ukrainians by blowing up the Zaporizhzhia NPP. It is madness to play with the safety of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. But logically thinking beings are unable to realize the tragic consequences of their actions not only for the environment, but even for themselves.

Certainty, consistency and reasonableness are the essential qualities of correct thinking. Consciously or unconsciously violating logical laws leads to an incorrect conclusion. It leads to tragic consequences. Therefore, we can expect anything from the inadequates who seized Enerhodar without being privy to the intricacies of the cause-and-effect relationships of nuclear power units. For example, provocations at the Crimean Titan chemical plant in the occupied Crimea, etc. These human-like creatures constantly confuse an imaginary, hypothetical reality with the actual state of affairs – the status quo. They fight the consequences instead of eliminating the causes.

During the meeting with the «military commanders» on June 13, 2023 Putin bravely demonstrated his trademark style of illogical thinking. His linguistic and stylistic constructions constantly confirmed the loss of the racist leader’s ability to build cause-and-effect relationships, which repeatedly caused surprise even among the carefully selected guests.

For example, the idea that «we did not plan the Crimean events and the Special Military Operation, we are trying to end the armed conflict, we were forced to do it by armed means» is in no way consistent with the thesis that «we have been preparing our military-industrial complex for the past eight years.»

Putin, for example, admits that he «wanted Russia to be in NATO,» but then goes on to call «the source of the problem the attempts to drag Ukraine with a Russian-speaking population into NATO.»

Putin’s highly controversial statements could well be included in a psychiatry textbook as illustrative examples of bipolar disorder symptoms: «The goals of the Special Military Operation remain the same, but change according to the current situation»; «A sanitary zone should be created on the territory of Ukraine to prevent shelling of Russian territory»; «Ukraine should not exist at the expense of Russia and on historical Russian territories if there are no normal relations»; «We must respect the existence of Ukraine».

It is unlikely that Putin has ever read his compatriot Ivan Turgenev’s novel «Rudin». This novel is a great example of illogical thinking:

– So, in your opinion, there are no beliefs?

– No, they don’t exist.

– Is this your belief?

– Yes.

– How can you say that they do not exist?

In the early twentieth century, the famous Nobel Prize-winning physiologist Ivan Pavlov noticed that the Russian mind avoids scrutinizing the real world, preferring instead to use words: «The Russian person has such a weak brain system that he is not able to perceive reality. For him, there are only words. His ‘conditioned’ reflexes are coordinated not with reality, but with words.»

That is, we are talking about a kind of conservatism in the thinking of not only individuals but also society. For example, the vast majority of racists perceive Putin’s propaganda as dogma, as the ultimate truth: they believe in the so-called «Russian world,» which is fueled by Orthodox fundamentalism, Slavophilia, and Stalinism, and constantly demonstrate an aggressive belief in the alleged threat from the West, etc. As a result, instead of thinking and analyzing, it is easier for a racist to reject the new objective information than to destroy established dogmas and concepts. But losing faith in Russia’s «greatness and goodness» and its «high spiritual purpose» means losing faith in something fundamental, almost divine, and thus destroying one’s own life. In fact, it is an «induced psychosis» when a sick person produces delusions, and the rest of the people under his or her influence perceive these destructive ideas as truth.

At one time, social Darwinists described many social phenomena in ecological terms. Thus, the psychological and actionable behavior of, for example, Vladimir Putin, his

or an average Russian national patriot burdened by the imperial/Eurasian idea can be explained very convincingly by citing numerous analogies from the world of flora and fauna. Because this is the Reality.

Today, dehumanized, immoral beings lead the war with Ukrainians. Professor Preobrazhensky spoke about them more than aptly in Mikhail Bulgakov’s «The Heart of a Dog»: «You stand at the lowest stage of development <...> You are only a forming creature, weak mentally, all your actions are purely animal <...> you need to be silent and listen to what you are told.» These freaks are able to understand and realize at least something only when they suffer a crushing defeat, a defeat, when they are captured.

Rashists are elements of the ethnic integrity of people with a negative worldview, who, due to the lack of ability to think logically, pathologically seek to simplify the world around them by destroying its various components – states, landscapes, ethnic groups, cultures, economies...

One of the «masterpieces» of their «songwriting» (here is a translation into English) has been circulating on the Internet for a long time:

The rockets were launched long ago,
And the ashes are in the sky
New York and San Francisco are burning,
And the state of New Mexico is burning.

On the blackened beach of Miami
The fish have been dammed up.
Giant tsunamis have passed
And the Cordillera shook.

A Russian soldier approached the herbalist near the White House.
He sat down on a marble column,
He put his rifle next to him...

In the days of the Soviet Union in memory, witty and instructive collections of anecdotal stories under the titles «Physicists Joke» and «Physicists Continue to Joke», were very popular among a thin layer of thinking Soviet people.

One of them featured a caricature of theoretical physicists who were apparently so overworked that one of them pointed his finger at a power outlet and asked his colleague in a deeply thoughtful manner: where is the plus and where is the minus?

Modern armed invaders from Muscovy, not knowing the elementary laws of physics, can stick their crooked fingers where they shouldn’t, unscrew a nut from the most important fuse in the speaker system to use it, for example, as a fishing rod weight for fishing on the Dnipro. It’s almost like Anton Chekhov’s story «The Intruder»:

«-Denis Grigoriev!», the investigator begins, «come closer and answer my questions. On the seventh day of July, Ivan Semenov Akinfov, a railroad watchman, walking along the line in the morning, at the 141st mile, caught you unscrewing the nut that attaches the rails to the sleepers. Here it is, this nut! <...> Why did you need this nut?

– A nut? We use nuts to make sinkers...

– But realize that nuts are used to attach the rail to the sleepers!

– We understand that... But we don’t unscrew everything... we leave it on... We do it not without reason... we understand...

– «Last year, a train derailed here,» the investigator said, «Now it’s clear why... last year a train derailed... I understand!

– That’s why you are educated, to understand, our merciful people...».

There is no nation in Russia. Not to mention a political nation. There is a population that proves every day by its actions that Muscovy is a dead end of civilization. This population consists of individuals who are in different degrees of savagery and aggression depending on their feeding, level of education and ability to think critically. On the territory of Russia, there are practically no generations that were raised on Christian values, humanism and morality.

A good example. For ten years now, the law «On the Protection of Children from Information Harmful to Their Health and Development» has been in effect in Muscovy. A number of folklore and literary works have been banned from being read by children of different age groups: «Ivan-Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf» (subject of the ban: scenes of theft of horse, of Helena the Beautiful, etc.); «Kolobok» (subject of prohibition: physical violence against Kolobok in the episode of Kolobok being eaten by a fox); «Teremok» (subject of prohibition: the scene of the attack on the Teremok by a fox, a wolf and a bear); «The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats» (subject of prohibition: description of the wolf’s death); «Geese and Swans» (subject of prohibition: description of the abduction of children by swans); «Thumbelina» by H.C. Andersen (Subject of the ban: Forcible holding of Thumbelina by a mouse, forcing her into marriage); «The Snow Queen» by H. C. Andersen’s (subject of prohibition: the Snow Queen’s forcible detention of the boy Kai); Gianni Rodari’s «Cipollino» (subject of prohibition: violent actions of the guards against the Cipollino’s family), Charles Perrault’s «Puss in Boots» (subject of prohibition: the scene of the cat’s treacherous murder of the wizard); Charles Perrault’s «Little Red Riding Hood» (subject of prohibition: the scene of the wolf’s murder)... And there is also literature that is completely forbidden to read: «Carlson, who lives on the roof» by Astrid Lindgren (Grounds for prohibition – Article 5, paragraph 2.4. The information denies family values and fosters disrespect for parents); «The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn» by Mark Twain (Grounds for prohibition – Article 5, paragraph 2.2. The information can cause children to want to go on a vagrancy).

Ivan Turgenev drew attention to the genetic property of his compatriots, «the ointment of the blood,» in a letter to the «furious Vissarion» after his return from Europe to his «bread-and-butter mother.»

Reality and numerous studies confirm that homo sapiens inherited many specific features from «his smaller brothers.» «The social structure of human generations is not much higher than the hierarchy of animal populations: the leader is a king, or a secretary general, the leader’s chosen one is the first lady. Those who are the first to be allowed to eat are once boyars, then members of the Central Committee, now deputies; those who pick up the crumbs left over from the table of the leader and his cronies are plebeians, the people. This is the order of lions, eiders, mice, monkeys and humans. It’s nothing new, except that some social systems take care of the weak by paying benefits to the unemployed, since it is more profitable for the system to keep them than to allow them to engage in activity and productive labor. Other than that, everything is the same as in all living organisms – competition for food, for territory and spheres of influence, and for the lady of the heart. These are purely biological concepts that Charles Darwin wrote about» (Zynovia Sluzhynska, a recognized expert in human genetics, demography, and ecology; Oleksandra Sluzhynska, PhD).

The scientific school of Ivan Pavlov coined terms such as «reflexes of freedom,» «reflexes of slavery,» «reflexes of submission,» and «reflexes of obedience.» The scientist was convinced that the most indestructible «unconditional» instinct is the instinct of life itself.

The freedom reflex is the basic reflex of life. However, it can not only be suppressed, but also replaced by a «conditional» reflex with the same restrictive influences. It is possible to «calm down» an animal, to train it to «wag its tail» in response to actions that may deprive it of its freedom, and to pleadingly «look into the eyes» of someone who may terrorize.

In a society imbued with commodity-money exchange, the basic, unconditional reflex turns into a «property reflex.» And then there is the «reflex to property» and the «reflex to wealth». Other reflexes begin to develop: ‘obsequiousness’, ‘agreeableness’, ‘submissiveness’, ‘slavery’.

«When a large group of people have lived in slavery or tyranny for many years, they will become much more aggressive and passive. <...> Changes at the genetic level require a powerful influence of the environment for at least three generations. That is, about 80 years. In the case of Russians, this is 300 years of serfdom and tsarist despotism and 70 years of the Soviet totalitarian experiment. <...> In Russia, there was a stratum of those who had to be either very aggressive or very passive in order to survive under oppression. It was a rational strategy for survival. This explains why Russians have chosen the strong hand of tyranny and despise the softness of democracy. It also explains their aggressive daily behavior. <...> The roots of most Russians are from Asia. They are former nomads, hunters and robbers. They lived in well-structured large groups with a large bureaucracy. This was the case, for example, with the Mongol-Tatars. At the same time, many Ukrainians are descended from shepherds and farmers – peaceful individualists who can defend themselves, but not attack, destroy and rob» (James Fallon, psychiatrist, neuroscientist, professor at the University of California).

Ukrainians have experienced the Ugro-Finnish «level of passion» many times. And especially now. During the war. What was/is the reason for the Muscovites’ «imperatives of behavior» that are far from civilized standards? According to a prominent Ukrainian archaeologist, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Yaroslav Pasternak, the experience of farming on Ukrainian black soil dates back 40,000 years. In his essay «Important Problems of the Ethnogenesis of the Ukrainian People in the Light of Archaeological Research,» the scholar concludes:

«The ethnic massif, the main ethnic base of the people who grew up with the Ukrainian black soil, has remained the same for about 40,000 years. Today’s anthropological type of the Ukrainian people clearly distinguishes them from their neighboring peoples, and this is one of the further proofs of their age-old autochthonousness on their present-day lands. The development of the Muscovite people followed a completely different path, from different roots, under the influence of different climatic conditions and geographic location. Its oldest ethnic base was the Ugrophinic wandering tribes of beast-hunters and gatherers, and the ancestral home of these tribes was the Baltic regions and northern and central Moscow.»

In other words, the Ugro-Finnish tribes existed on a hunting and fishing level, they did not go through a civilization stage that could last for thousands of years, and they did not know what agriculture was. A hunter and a fisherman do not create anything for nature. They only take from it what it has created. They are not cattle breeders who think about how to tame an animal. This requires experience and intelligence. They are not farmers who have to know when to put grain in the ground and how much grain to sow to get a good harvest. You need to know in what conditions to store the harvest. To do this, you need to have a lot of experience, knowledge and intelligence.

A farmer gives his knowledge gained over thousands of years to nature. He makes an effort, not just boldly taking something from nature. The farmer develops. Those who have not passed the stage of farming remain with the concepts of fisherman and hunter. That is why modern rashists, descendants of the Ugro-Finns from the Forest, behave barbarically in Ukraine. Their mentality has not changed. They are used to taking, stealing and destroying. They are not capable of creating something new. The entire history of Muscovy, the Russian Empire, and the USSR is proof of this.

It is clear why Muscovites did not join the circle of civilized people: they did not have the mentality to do so. The descendants of the Zalissia fishermen and hunters continue to perceive and interpret the world today according to the archetypes and stereotypes developed in the dense thickets of the Zalissia land. Academician Ivan Pavlov explained this perfectly.

It is not surprising that the «special operation» against Ukraine is supported by the degenerate population of Muscovy under the standard of the «Russian world». It is this population, not even Putin, that has become the main factor in the continuation of the genocide of the Ukrainian people. The only motive that makes racists support Putin’s adventure is the retribution factor. They realize that by admitting their defeat, they will bury the hope for the revival of the empire. They realize that if they fail to defeat Ukrainians, they will fail. Because a successful, democratic Ukrainian state means death not only to Putin’s regime, but also to the very concept of Muscovy, a brutal symbol of inhumanity.

The Carthage of racism must be destroyed. To the ground. Forever. And the entire civilized world must contribute to this.

publicist, editor-in-chief of «Universum» magazine, UKRAINA

Title illustration: Vasiliy Shulzhenko (Russian Federation)