Curing Cancer without Side-Effects

Dr. Monika Berthold, Elisabeth Buchner. Curing Cancer without Side-Effects. The incredible success story of medical product UKRAIN. – Lviv: Universum, 2014. – 210 p.

When ancient herbal knowledge is combined with modern biochemical processes, the unbelievable can become possible. What the scientist Dr. Wassil Nowicky has achieved with the development of UKRAIN is a worldwide sensation. Why you and your doctor – especially in the German-speaking countries – have not yet heard of it (or only negative reports) has an alarming background. What in other parts of the world has long been used for the benefit of patients remains inaccessible to our cancer sufferers. Why?

In addition to this the book describes many other natural possibilities which could play an important role in the recovery of cancer patients.

The two authors have tried to select what has so far remained little known from the abundance of various documents and publications. The colour of hope is green! May this book allow an encouraging and confident perspective for the future – as patient or as medical professional.

Working together we can be successful in being allowed to strike out on new paths into the future.

Translation from German by Steve Gander.

Translated from: Dr. Monika Berthold & Elisabeth Buchner. Krebs besiegen ohne Nebenwirkungen. © Familienverlag Buchner, Kleinsendelbach 1st edition in March 2012

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Журнал Універсум 1–2 (279–280), 2017

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